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Trees that drip tendrils of purple beads. A stream that runs dark like the colour of blood in a vein. Impossibly familiar scents of childhood wafting up from underground. 

A prickle on the back of her neck as the moss swivels its tiny stalked eyes to watch her every move. 

When Daisy crash-landed on this planet, she’d arrived with one goal in mind: Signal the Interstellar Space Exploration Center about her findings. She would be lauded as a great explorer and be able to break out of the fight for survival back on Earth. But with her communicator damaged, her plan isn’t as simple as it seems. 

When she catches an enigmatic man, Obsidian, scavenging through her crash site, she’s forced to reevaluate her circumstances. Who is Obsidian and what secrets is he hiding? If she can learn to trust him, she may be able to make it home alive. 

A tale of two humans in a sentient ecosystem, Parallax Error is a tribute to the interconnectedness of all things, even life and death. 



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Heavy, atmospheric, celestial rock.